Piano Cleaning

What lurks inside your piano and beneath its keys. Be careful accepting an old piano into your home, it may harbour uninvited guests; Woodworm, Spiders, Moths, Bugs and Mice droppings.



                  Have your piano carefully and professionally cleaned by Piano Chap


Pianos don’t like being pushed around

Pianos are the heaviest of mobile instruments, particularly grand pianos. Move a piano incorrectly and an Upright piano may tip over or a Grand piano may snap a leg. I supply and fit Safety Brackets and A Frames for pianos which vastly reduces the risk of personal injury, damage to the piano and avoids potential legal and financial consequences. That’s why I advise schools, churches and all other music venues to consider the safety aspect of their pianos.  

Better safe than sorry !


I repaired the broken leg but most importantly I fitted a Safety A Frame to the Grand piano

Replacing a set of damaged upright piano wheels.

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